Good Pair Days

Good Pair Days

2016-Current | Co-Founder & CTO | Australia

Good Pair Days is a Sydney based, early-stage startup with the mission to liberate the world of wine from the aloof, the exclusive, the confusing, and the pretentious. To open up the joy of wine discovery for the novices through to the aficionados by reimagining what the wine retail experience can be for one of the oldest consumer products on earth.

To give you an idea, one of our first products is something we like to call "Spotify for Wine". We like to think of it as providing monthly wine adventures, customised to each member's unique tastes, delivered to their door. Where they can learn as much (or as little) about their wines each month as they like.

I'm one of the co-founders and the CTO and my main responsibility is to make sure we build world class software to use on our website, app, recommendation engine and warehouse management systems.

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