Hi, I'm Beto! I was born in Brazil and have also lived in the US, the UK, Chile and have made Australia my home!

I'm a software developer who loves to come up with business ideas and to have a go at them. I'm one of the co-founders of Good Pair Days and also run a small side-project called Duoflag.

Before my current ventures, I launched and sold a tiny regional startup in the online tickets industry in Brazil and had many other learnings and failed attempts at startup ideas.

Back in my teenage years, I used to hang out with a group of talented friends who shared a passion for tech culture, music, sports and the desire to explore the world. We grew up in Maranhàƒo, one of the poorest states of Brazil, and struggled to accept the level of corruption, violence and lack of investment in education.

Not surprisingly, most of us went to build a career in Technology/Engineering at innovative companies around the world, such as Microsoft, Booking, The New York Times, Globo, CrazyDomains, Vale, UOL, etc...

After doing my last year of High School in Indiana (USA), I attended university back in Brazil, where I got a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems as the top performer in my class. While studying, I was also working on the side as a software developer for a few local companies and even hustled my way to a short traineeship at the University of Bristol (UK).

I've always had the dream to live in Australia, so while still in Brazil, I applied remotely to hundreds of jobs there. When I was 21, I got a job offer and visa sponsorship from a large Internet company located in the unique city of Perth (AU).

I lived for five years in what I consider one of the best cities in the world, Sydney (AU), where you get the best of both worlds, business and nature. I've recently relocated to Coolangatta (AU), a smaller and fantastic surf town still close to major business areas.

When I'm not building tech products, I'm usually at food&drink parties with family and friends, reading, writing, surfing or watching movies.

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